Air Quality

As a specialist consultancy we aim to provide robust practical advice to our clients to ensure that their projects take full account of their environmental responsibilities, meet all regulatory requirements and stand up to public scrutiny. We have permanent licences for dispersion models (ADMS, AERMOD and ISC/iRAP) and extensive experience in their use and interpretation. The Airshed can also use advanced CFD fluid flow models to predict flow and dispersion e.g. in complex terrain, building wakes or street canyons, where conventional dispersion models may be less reliable (See Guidance for more details). Our project experience includes:

Air quality impact assessments from road transport throughout the UK and Ireland including London, Birmingham, Dublin, Belfast, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Dust deposition and PM10 assessment for mines, quarries and ports.

Air quality predictions from lead works, combustion plant and incinerators, including USEPA HHRAP.

Air quality impact assessments for biomass projects and incineration processes including recovered wood wastes, poultry litter, meat and bone meal, MSW and other feedstocks.

Odour assessments for animal rendering plants, waste management facilities, wastewater treatment works, fishmeal plants , restaurants.

Detailed air quality impact assessments in air quality management areas for road traffic and industry.

Expert witness at public inquiry

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