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The Airshed - Useful Guidance & Links

Dispersion Modelling

Environment Agency Policy on Dispersion Models 

Environment Agency Requirements for Dispersion Modelling 

Risk based approach to uncertainty in dispersion modelling

Royal Meteorological Society Code of Practice

Annex to RMS CoP (AMDLC) 2004 rev1.4

USEPA AP-42 Emission factors   

COST 732 CFD Best Practice Guidelines


Statutory Code of Practice for WwTW in Scotland

SEPA'a Odour Guidance

Environmental Impact Assessment

PAN 1/2013 EIA

PAN 1/2013 EIA Annex A

Risk Assessment

DEFRA/HSE Guidance on Risk Assessment

US EPA Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol

Useful Sites

Air Quality Bulletin (nothing much gets past Jack)

Scottish Air Quality website


Met Office UK - Ground Stations - (not all suitable for dispersion modelling)

Institute of Acoustics

Local Air Quality Management tools

National Air Emissions Inventory

IEMA - not as useful as it could be

UKWIR - Details of useful (but expensive) research

Home Page of ADMS dispersion model

Home page of fantastic iRAP: Lakes Environmental's implementation of US EPA HHRAP

Interesting Sites

Scientific Alliance - ideas challenging mainstream environmental orthodoxy

The Sceptical Environmentalist

Cool Sites

Air Sciences

Ian Young's Website

Engreen Environmental


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