Odour Impact Assessment  


We have extensive experience of helping clients assess and control odour, including:

Expert witness on odour issues at public inquiry; Assessment and control of odour from composting, waste-water treatment works, landfills and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management facilities; Livestock odour and disposal of solid and liquid effluent to land; Odour control at animal rendering plant and fishmeal processes; Odour from food processing plants, restaurants and fast foods; Assessment of Best Available Technology (BAT) and Best Practicable Means (BPM); and Animal feeds plant and distilleries; Odour Management Plans.

Our approach to assessment is to provide robust predictions that inspire the confidence of both our clients and regulatory agencies. We regularly receive very positive feedback on our approach. Our aim is to provide robust information so that our clients understand exactly what strategies are required to manage odour impacts.

In addition to extensive experience in odour assessment, The Airshed has perpetual licences for ADMS and AERMOD. The Airshed also has invested in advanced CFD software, so that we have the full range of solutions for any dispersion modelling problem that may arise e.g. considering the release of emissions near ground within the re-circulating wake of multiple buildings, complex terrain or other conditions that conventional advanced dispersion models may not be able to fully consider.

 You can find more examples on our case studies page.


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