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CIWEM national odour conference 2002 - The death of NOOBB?

CIWEM national odour conference 2004 - Does STOP work?

Industrial Odour Management.

CIWEM 2005 - Odour from an Animal Feeds Plant - BAT Assessment.

CIWEM 2006 - Odour Dispersion from a hole in the ground.

The Airshed's comments on the Scottish Executive's consultation on the new Code of Practice for controlling odour from sewage treatment works. (January 2006).

Dust Management at Opencast sites.

HARMO 11 - Dispersion Modellers (Sometimes) do it in Tunnels.

ADMS 4 Dispersion Model Users Group presentation on effects of terrain and buildings.

Download case study - presentation at SEPA sponsored conference on air quality

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