We have significant experience in the renewable energy sector ranging from large scale biomass energy power plant and ~100 MW wind farms to small scale local district combined heat and power schemes.

Noise impact assessments for wind turbine projects include a 50 MW installation to the west of Loch Shin, Caithness, a small scale (6 - 7 turbine scheme) in the Scottish Borders and numerous single turbine installations.

Odour and air quality for anaerobic digestion plants include: a crop residue scheme in Doncaster; and kitchen waste AD plants in Milton Keynes, Cardiff, Watford, Londonderry and Bedfordshire.

Air quality impact assessments for biomass projects include: a small scale 500kW wood chip fired CHP scheme in North London; a small scale 1MW electricity generation project in Caithness using forest waste; and 300MW CHP plant in Middlesborough using imported virgin timber. 






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